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FlightFins® is the leader in quality and innovation for Onewheel™ accessories. From the patented FlightFins® and FlightFenders to the highest rated custom made tires designed exclusively in partnership with Hoosier Racing including the world renowned Whisper and T2. If you are ready to take your Onewheel™ to the next level you have come to the right place. No trail or city street will ever be the same. Time to send it!


FlightFins® are the first modular foot-hold fender system for both full-sizeOnewheel GT™, Onewheel XR™ and Onewheel Pint X™. Designed to give you increased control, allowing you to perform new tricks, jump obstacles, and bail when you need to with our easy-out, no binding design.



FlightFins® unlock hundreds of new ways to ride your Onewheel™.
Prepare to take your street rides and trail rides to the next level.

Deeper Carving

Ultimate board control

Trail Domination

Crush trails like never before

Conquer Curbs

No need to pick up your board

Easy In Easy Out

No bindings, designed for safety

Send It

Big drops, no problem


As two brothers, and avid Onewheel™ riders since 2015, we set out to create the first prototype for a foot hold system allowing riders to jump with a Onewheel™. FlightFins® was born and we’ve been shredding and innovating ever since.

We stand behind our Made in the USA products and ride them every day.


The FullFlight® System provides the complete FlightFins® experience in one kit.
Customizable colorways, and available for Onewheel™ GT, XR and Pint X.



Onewheel™ GT Accessories Quick Guide: How to Get The Most From Your Onewheel

Are Onewheel™ GT accessories needed, or can you just go with the stock Onewheel™ GT parts? The unbiased truth is that just like you’d want to put a case on a brand new phone, you want compatible Onewheel™ GT accessories to protect your Onewheel™ GT board from damage and increase its longevity.

In this guide, we’ll go over the common ways Onewheels are damaged and which Onewheel™ GT accessories can protect them.

Onewheel™ GT Accessories Can be Broken Into Two Categories

Most Onewheel™ GT accessories can fall under two categories: protective and quality of life. For people with a limited budget, this will help you decide which Onewheel™ GT accessories to prioritize.

Onewheel Accessories for Protection (Sidekicks, Float Plates, Railguards)

If protecting your Onewheel™ GT board is your biggest priority, then we suggest you look at getting the protective Onewheel™ GT accessories first.

Onewheel Accessories for Enhancement (Flight Fins, Foot pads, Tires)

If you want to enjoy your rides, increase your maneuverability, and enhance your ability to perform tricks, then we suggest starting with the quality of life upgrades.

Onewheel™ GT Accessories – Prevent Damage or Repair It?

A Onewheel™ GT is kind of like an e-skate board with a lot of technology that goes into it. Getting your Onewheel™ GT fixed can be a nightmare. In the whole world, there is only a single service center. And between shipping and repair, you’re looking at hundreds of dollars and a minimum of 30 days wait time.

Point being, preventing board damage is way more cost/time effective than repairing it.

Float Plates for Onewheel™ GT Board Protection

The stock plastic battery and controller compartment, bumpers, and headlights are the most prone pieces to damage. Serious impact from falling or dropping the Onewheel™ GT can crack or even shatter these pieces. That’s where the float plate Onewheel™ GT accessories come in.

The float plates that Flightfins designed are capable withstanding over 3,000 PSI of impact and are one of the first Onewheel™ GT accessories you should get.

Out of any Onewheel™ GT accessory, float plates are the most essential and will give you the most bang for your back when it comes to protecting your entire board from damage.

Flightfins has float plates for the Onewheel™ GT Pint here, and you can buy float plates for the Onewheel™ GT XR here.

Onewheel™ GT Fender: Protects You From Environmental Damage

The Onewheel™ GT fender may be the biggest quality of life upgrade for riders. Most people don’t mind small amounts of dirt / debris being kicked up as they ride from the stock fender. But when it’s muddy, or there is a lot of gravel, then it can be quite painful and messy to ride without an upgraded Onewheel™ GT fender. Not to mention, your clothes can get dirty every time. The answer to this problem is to replace your stock Onewheel™ GT Fender with a Flightfins Fender.

Flightfins Fender: Available for the Onewheel Pint and Onewheel XR

This Onewheel™ GT accessory is a shield that goes over the wheel and prevents environmental hazards from being kicked up onto your legs. The Onewheel™ GT fender is easy to install, and comes several colors. Flightfins sells Onewheel™ GT Fender for the Pint, and the Onewheel™ GT XR Fender.

While this Onewheel™ GT accessory does provide a major quality of life upgrade, it can also offer additional protection to your Onewheel™ GT board. Although rare, sometimes pebbles that are being kicked up can cause Onewheel™ GT board damage and deep scratches. Having our Onewheel™ GT fender in place offers an extra layer of security.

Onewheel™ GT Accessories to Improve Your Riding Experience

There are several Onewheel™ GT accessories that will help you improve your riding experience; from increased comfort to improved stability for when you want to perform tricks. In this section, we’ll go over the best Onewheel™ GT accessories to improve your ride quality.

Kush Nug Foot Pads: Comfort

The stock foot pads are great if you’re only riding for a couple of minutes. However, they can be uncomfortable for longer rides. To avoid sore feet or foot fatigue, we’ve taken the original Kush Nug Foot Pads for the Onewheel™ GT XR and used advanced shrink-ray technology to create Kush Nug Foot Pads for the Onewheel™ GT Pint.

Flightfins also has our own proprietary foot pad for the Onewheel™ GT XR that goes over the original Onewheel™ GT foot pad, although, it should not be used over other aftermarket pads or grip tape.

However, do note, that the Onewheel™ GT XR Footpad “The Flighdeck” can be installed over the stock grip tape – no grip tape removal necessary.

If you’re going to be riding your Onewheel™ GT for a long time and want to avoid foot fatigue, then get a foot pad upgrade or foot pad replacement.

Onewheel™ GT Tire Upgrade: Practicality

When it comes to Onewheel™ GT accessories, there are 2 types of tires. Before talking about them, it’s important to understand that the stock tires for the Onewheel™ GT aren’t actually designed for a Onewheel™ GT (seems crazy, right?).

The stock tires are go-kart tires. The problem with using go-kart tires for a Onewheel™ GT is that the go-kart tires will wear down differently then what they’re designed for. For example, Go-karts don’t cut and curve and so the tires have reinforced tops and bottoms but a weak side profile. Thus, the tires wear down differently with a Onewheel™ GT since you’re cutting and moving at an angle. This can lead to tires blowing out way sooner than you want them to.

Despite a tire blowing out being dangerous, it can also be annoying to have frequent tire damage and having to rely on a tire sealant.

Shop for Onewheel XR and Onewheel Pint Tires

To combat this, Flightfins suggest you get 1 of the 2 tire types either a treaded Onewheel™ GT tire or the Hoosier Street Whisper 6 Onewheel™ GT XR tire. For the Hoosier Street Whisper Onewheel™ GT Pint Tire, click here.

These tires are designed differently. The inner walls are thicker on the sides than Go-kart tires to prevent uneven wear. This re-enforced design will ensure a longer lasting tire while also giving you more stability during important maneuvers.

Onewheel Accessories to Protect Your Rails

Unfortunately, over time, the sides of your Onewheel board will experience damage: mainly stripped threads. However, you can get Onewheel rails that are easily attached to your board. The cool thing about Onewheel rails are that they also offer a way for you to customize your Onewheel board and add more style/flavor to it with all of the different color options.

Flightfins: Enhance Your Tricks

Flightfins (not to be confused with our brand name) are the best Onewheel™ GT accessories to “unlock” new movements and increase your ability to handle a Onewheel™ GT. Our V2 Flightfins give you better control, the ability to jump obstacles, and a new array of tricks by giving your feet an extra edge to balance against.

Our Flightfins Onewheel™ GT accessories are great for both goofy and regular stances, easy to install, and they come with all of the hardware you need to get started quickly.

Onewheel™ GT Accessories Summed Up: Everything You Need to Know About Onewheels and Accessories

At the end of the day, owning a Onewheel™ GT is about more than just having an electric wheel skateboard: it’ about a lifestyle. Because repairing a Onewheel™ GT board is so impractical, then it makes sense to at the bare minimum get the Onewheel™ GT accessories that will protect your board from damage: the Flightshield, Float Pads, and appropriate tire.

As you get more involved with the Onewheel™ GT community, you’ll start getting into doing tricks, and riding for longer periods of time. This is where the other Onewheel™ GT accessories such as the foot pads come in.

Overall, take it at your own pace, and make sure to enjoy the ride.