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Designed to be roll-proof, durable, and the perfect fit for FlightFins
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Introducing the FlightFender!

The FlightFender is the first fender to be FlightFin-enabled, which means no drilling required! It offers a substantial amount of protection while giving the board a minimalist and aerodynamic aesthetic. The FlightFender is also incredibly durable – designed to be roll-proof, virtually scratch-proof, and made of the highest quality plastic available.


Zip Ties Optional

The FlightFender utilizes the eight screw holes on the board and does not need ties. For extreme riders or those wanting double protection, tie notches have been added to the fender.

No Drilling

The FlightFender is fully vertically adjustable for your custom FlightFin placement.

Fits All Onewheels

The FlightFender fits all Onewheels including the XR.

Wider Stance

The FlightFender gives riders a wider stance than a traditional full fender with fins. This equals more stability for jumps and carvability.

Virtually Roll-Proof

The FlightFender has been especially designed to avoid the ground during a roll giving the fender longer life, both structurally and cosmetically speaking. Your board will now look great all year long!


The FlightFender is the most affordable of popular fenders on the market.