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Welcome to your Onewheel IQ Quiz

How many different model OneWheels have been produced and sold by FM?

What is the farthest distance anyone has jumped off a 2x4 with FlightFins in competition?

Who has the record for highest jump with fins in competition?

What OneWheel company was the first to brand a tire?

What is a Prowler?

D30 is a compound for what brand of tire?

How many cells are in an XR?

A stock tire from Future Motion comes with what color slime?

In what location (venue name) was the first FloatLife Fest held?

Last year's FloatLife Fest in 2021 was.......?

What was the range for the V1 KickStarter Onewheel?

What is a common message that comes up in the app when riding?

What is a hippy jump on a OneWheel?

What is the plastic frame FM puts around the tire that you take off to put a stock fender on?

What mode in the OneWheel XR app has the slowest top speed?

What mode on the Pint has a lower top speed?

What color are the GT rails stock without rail guards?

Which of these is not a real hardware revision of an XR?

“Simple stop” is basically what?

What Facebook group has more female Riders then male riders?

The newest board GT stands for what?

Who was the female winner for Race for the Rail in 2021?

Who won the Race for the Rail in 2020?

Whats the first name of the guy who runs the biggest Onewheel event FloatLifeFest?

What tire is stock for a OneWheel XR?

What is the name of the most popular group of aftermarket service shops?

What was the biggest difference from the Plus to the XR?

The motto for future Motion is?

A pocket rock is?

What is the name of the notorious guy who trolled the OW community with fake new products then just disappeared?

What’s the name of the person most involved in the marketing of Onewheel at Future Motion?

Who are the guys behind WheelFunStuff?

FlightFins were invented while trying to find an easier way to _________?

What Facebook group (Not an event or race) had the biggest group ride of all time?

Who did the first finger flip on a OneWheel?

The rim size for the new GT is what?

The common Bonk trick in Onewheeling is sometimes also called what?

What was the biggest difference from the OW V1 footpads to the OW Plus footpads?

What was the first aftermarket product for a OneWheel?

Who was the first person to Bonk a OneWheel?